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Thanks Four Everything 11

Thanks Four Everything 11 published on No Comments on Thanks Four Everything 11

There are 450 comics in the archive as of today, and it all started with these two.

Well, kind of. The first comic in the archive is actually a test comic featuring Roger, Neil, Rei and the ducklings. I mean the comic started as an idea when I looked over at my quintessential little gray duck perched next to that lovely pure white duck and thought, “You know, I have a webserver and a camera and all these ducks…”

That was back when “all these” meant “less than 10.” How the times have changed, eh?

At any rate, Poe and Shimako were going to be the parental/authority figures (along with Rei when it came to the ducklings) but somehow I ended up with a whole different voice of authority further down the line…


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