The First Year

Two Hundred Ninety Nine

Two Hundred Ninety Nine published on 4 Comments on Two Hundred Ninety Nine

Every now and then I must challenge myself. This one involved finding a way to prop up the purple duck in such a way that he didn’t look too much like he was leaning against the desk edge (he wasn’t) but without giving away the propping materials themselves. After some experimentation, I balanced him on… Continue reading Two Hundred Ninety Nine

This Is Book Club

This Is Book Club published on 2 Comments on This Is Book Club

Okay, it’s like this: I was torn, when I decided to play with this particular meme, between what became Thursday’s comic and the seed of what I used for today’s. Last week I chose the more accessible rendition because sometimes you need to play to your audience. I then decided to go with this rendition… Continue reading This Is Book Club

Gotten Very Silly

Gotten Very Silly published on 1 Comment on Gotten Very Silly

Realizing that I’d painted myself into a corner, I wondered: How do I either extend this or get out of it entirely? Once again, the bookshelf saved me… somewhat. I couldn’t find a way to make funny the buildup to Sachiko’s version of the punchline, though. So I stewed, and pondered, and wandered off for… Continue reading Gotten Very Silly