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Hi, Karel,

I’m here because your son’s comic referred to yours, on Father’s Day … I don’t know how many years ago. I loved this one, and now that I know “Rusty” is a cast-iron duck, I get “Ferrous Bueller.”

By the way, you should be proud of your son. Not only is he bringing joy to people like me, who need all the help we can get, he’s creating community. I’m reading so slowly through the archive of his strips because the comment sections are full of so much great stuff.

Role-playing means a lot to me. It was finally meeting a group of fellow nerds, who invited me to gaming, every week, that finally pulled me out of about 30 years of clinical depression. It’s mostly the jokes that keep me going, as the game sometimes bogs down in an hour of searching through rules.

I know I’m not a very good role-player, partly because of autism and attendant social inexperience. And our group focuses more on group problem-solving than getting into our roles, as far as I see. Your son’s comment sections are very educational for me. I learn better from reading. Thanks for your part in raising him, and happy Father’s Day, every year.

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