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As I’m suddenly in the market for a new videocard, what did you get, how much did it cost, what did your research into the matter find?

I just realized that I got the card wrong in the comic. That’s sad, really… *sigh*

I have an EVGA GTX 460 video card in the new rig, but that requires a beefy power supply. I’ve been an nVidia man for quite some time, though, due to various problems with ATI’s drivers over the years. So, what card I recommend will have a lot to do with how much power is on tap and what your budget looks like.

I prefer Nvidia m’self. I’ve a 400w powersupply, so I can’t be running a pair of SLI’d MegaCards or anything like that.

I’d want to keep the walletburn to $150 or less… I’ve never been a huge gamer, but I want something that’ll allow me to play a game so it looks good.

My previous card was a 7600GT, and that could handle Fallout 3 at 1440×900 at 40fps… no AA or anything like that, and I had to turn the grass off and the fade distance down fairly low, but perfectly playable.

You can probably get one of the “power saver” variants of the 9800 for a reasonable price, and that would most likely work with your power supply. I’ve run a couple of 9800s so far and love ’em to death. They’re getting harder to find, though, and after that you’re looking at a G-something 250 if you can get one with low enough power consumption.

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