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It Drives Screws Crazy

It Drives Screws Crazy published on 6 Comments on It Drives Screws Crazy

You know, if you think you’re surrounded by perverts who talk about suggestive things all the time… maybe they’re not the ones with the dirty mind. Food for thought!

And yes, I now own two sonic screwdrivers. They’re both cheap surprisingly-costly plastic doodads that light up and make noise. I know. I couldn’t help myself.

Just don’t ask me to participate in any Eleven Versus Ten debates, okay?

(Because, seriously? Nine. C’mon.)


Really? Nine? Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was great, but Ten had me by his third episode.

I still refuse to even acknowledge Eleven. I stopped with the Waters of Mars and I’m not going past it any time soon.

I liked Tennant, I really did, and he had some spectacular moments (“wibbly wobbly timey wimey”)… along with some spectacularly sad/mopey/absurd bits. (Why yes, I did get tired of “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”) Eccleston, however, I loved from start to finish. It helps, of course, that he only had to make it last for one series. *wry grin*

Nine was the shootin’est doctor, in my opinion.
Ten was the most emotionally powerful one, and the most threatening, imo.
Eleven is… The most cartoony and kid friendly, he has sound effects! He jumps and goes *boing!* I can’t take him seriously after ten.

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