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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation published on 11 Comments on Lost In Translation

This is for every time someone’s given me crap along the lines of, “But you can’t understand what they’re saying!”

Some people seem to treat popular music as “meaningful words with some accompanying noises.” I’m rather the opposite… “enjoyable noises that may or may not include human warbling,” you could say.


Ah, Rammstein, what would we do without you?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese anime theme songs, m’self… sure it helps that I know the shows, but tunes like Kalafina’s Magia ( don’t need translations.

Holy CRAP, why did nobody tell me that the show had a great ED theme? (No, I didn’t watch. Creepy Shaft-being-Shaft trope-upheaval magical girl weirdness, not precisely my cuppa…)

To the Internets!

I agree, too! Sometimes it gets you into trouble, though…your friend looks at you and says, “you know this song is about a pimp, right?” Ha!

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