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Shiny Plastic Platters

Shiny Plastic Platters published on 4 Comments on Shiny Plastic Platters

The real kicker is that burning a few gigabytes at a time to shiny plastic platters is so darned time-consuming, and then getting the data back off of the platters again later is also so darned time-consuming, that the best solution lately seem to be simply keeping multiple copies on hard drives and hoping not all of the drives fail within too short a time frame.

There must be a better way coming. And soon.


Well, let me know if you find a better method – believe me, I’m all ears. *razza frazza prepping for a nuke n pave grumble grr*

And – “Have you considered bite me”…so going in my standard replies to “have you considered that if you stop %x_behaviour% you wouldn’t need %y_solution%”

What are these strangely reflective platter thingies?

/i.e.: I use external hard drives.
//yes, I know, they fail too.
///have you considered bite me?

Yeah, I haven’t actually burned anything to reflective platter in about a year. Copies on various hard drives and occasional sacrifices to pagan deities is my current plan.

And I seem to have started a “thing,” since both comments and several responses on Twitter have made note of DOT’s rejoinder…

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