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We Are All Made Of Snark

We Are All Made Of Snark published on 5 Comments on We Are All Made Of Snark

So, that stress ball.

Back in the mists of time, HBO aired a series called “From The Earth To The Moon,” a miniseries about the Apollo program. When they were getting ready to promote it they sent out stress balls done up to look like a small Earth and a small Moon. One recipient of these cutesy giveaway items was a radio station known at the time as Earth 105, which Entercom bought up (by way of acquiring the oldies station in town) and renamed to Rosie 105. Then Rosey 105. Then The Buzz. Then I lost track because I don’t work there anymore and am no longer paid to care. At any rate, the stress balls were gathering dust in a promotions office as we moved the stations from downtown to the SoWhat area, so I nabbed a set because I enjoyed the hell out of that HBO series.

And now Rei’s using it to teach the ducklings about our solar system. Funny how the world works, eh?


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