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Sue The Sous

Sue The Sous published on 1 Comment on Sue The Sous

What can I say, Iron Chef America is a fun show! And if you really want the cracktacular entertainment, try out the original old Japanese rendition.

There is a problem with this particular kind of wordplay, the homophone, in a comic: The joke relies on the reader seeing the “wrong” word, and you have to assume that the “listener” (poor Rusty in this case) “gets” that the person using the “wrong” word is doing so deliberately. It might be a bit of a reach.

Then again, maybe I’m overthinking this stuff. We’re talking about rubber ducks, after all.

At any rate: Since our webcomic pals the Tree Lobsters made a “making of” reel, I decided to give it a whirl as well. So if you’re interested, check out how today’s comic was made (minus the photography), condensed down to just over three minutes of video.

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