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Many Bloodsuckers

Many Bloodsuckers published on 5 Comments on Many Bloodsuckers

“Politics, n: Derived from ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and ‘tics’, meaning ‘small bloodsucking parasites’.”

Note that I’m not choosing sides, here. It’s just that every election year brings a fresh new opportunity for political shenanigans. And let’s not forget the obnoxious advertisements.

On that cheery note… Happy Halloween, everybody. Be safe out there, and save some Tootsie Rolls for me!


Haha! There she is! That witch really gets around 😉 Hey-you have a tootsie roll filled Halloween! Save me the candy corn. Hee.

You’re welcome to the candy corn, no worries!

(In case anyone else is wondering: Check out Colleen’s “Duck Show”, linked over there on the right, and you’ll see a familiar-looking duck-witch in a recent entry.)

(Heck, just check out “Duck Show” anyway. It’s a fun read!)

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