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The Very Model Of

The Very Model Of published on 12 Comments on The Very Model Of

And that’s about enough of talking writing like a pirate for a while, don’t you agree? And I don’t think we’ll be singing like them any time soon, either.

Look at all of those new ducks! And that’s not even all of the new ones that’ve come my way in the last few weeks! You’ll see two of the remaining additions… soon. Very soon.



I am the very model of a cartoon individual!
My animation’s comical, unusual, and whimsical!
I’m quite adept at funny gags, comedic theory I have read
From wicked jokes and stupid puns to anvils that drop on your head!

I’m very good at silly dances, I can even pirouette
Then slap the villain with a fish – I know my cartoon etiquette!
I can make my face all mean and really give you quite a fright
Then make up with flowers made of real exploding dynamite!

When in a jam, I just yell, “Stop!” and villains in their tracks are froze
Then I sneak up and utter, “Start,” and take my hands and honk their nose
I am quite proud to be in such a hierarchal progeny
From Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird to Babs and Buster Buh-uh-nee

To suit my mood, I can call forth a lot of different scenery
Like outer space and desertscapes and Himalayan eateries.
From this bag here, why, I can pull most anything imag-ni-bull
Like office desks and lava lamps and Bert, who is a cannibal

You see, in matters comical, unusual, and whimsical,
We are the very models of cartoon individuals!

….The scary thing here is that I typed that all from memory. I have a sneaking suspicion I left out a verse, but…eh.

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