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Gotten Very Silly

Gotten Very Silly published on 1 Comment on Gotten Very Silly

Realizing that I’d painted myself into a corner, I wondered: How do I either extend this or get out of it entirely?

Once again, the bookshelf saved me… somewhat. I couldn’t find a way to make funny the buildup to Sachiko’s version of the punchline, though. So I stewed, and pondered, and wandered off for a while, and read half of a book about the planet Earth, and then it hit me.

Do what the Pythons did!

Of course! And if this series of comics has got entirely too silly, well… the rest sort of wrote itself. By which I mean I oh-so-cleverly adapted The Colonel’s bits out of the classic “Full Frontal Nudity” episode from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

One should pay proper homage to the classics, I figure.

(Speaking of which: I tried, I really tried, to work another bit of that episode into this comic… but I just couldn’t see Sachiko complaining, “But it’s my only line!”)

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