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Thankstaking published on 6 Comments on Thankstaking

Not that I expect many of you to come here on Thanksgiving day, but here you go, a comic.

Of course, for those of you who visit from outside the USA (Hi! Make yourself at home. Try the cranberry sauce! And the pumpkin pie!) you’re probably tired of Americans and their hoopla about a day mainly dedicated to two things: Enforced family gluttony, and the official start of Christmas shopping season. I hope that you don’t mind my bit of philosophical meandering in place of a maudlin litany of things that I’m specifically thankful for in my life. (That’s nobody’s business but mine, you know?)

Okay, fine: I’m thankful for YOU FOLKS. Yes, you. And you. Even you.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do for a Yule theme this year… yes, I still haven’t figured that out. Time’s running out, too…


Well, there’s always the 12 Days of Duckmas…

Don’t forget: this is an age where we can make comic strips about rubber ducks, have a cast made up from dozens of different ducks, and have a multitude of people read it. WITHOUT having people think we’re crazy.


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