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Robot Rock

Robot Rock published on 3 Comments on Robot Rock

You almost have to feel for those little guys. Almost. I hope they enjoy their vacation.

I’d like to thank Wonderduck for the robots. While he chose Daft Punk (and rightly so!) for his relevant post about them, I think I’ll plug John Anaelio’s new and highly appropriate Angry Robot instead.

And I really need to whip up a colophon page, don’t I? There are so many fonts I need to show you, for instance!


Nitpick: The green font is hard to read. Not sure if it’s a “that green against that background” issue or just the color itself.

Is it just me, or is the pirate somewhat… tight-beaked? Other than the Ryo-Ohki comic, he doesn’t seem to speak much…

I’ll tell you the truth: when I saw the roboducks for sale, my first thought was not “Ooh, I need those for The Flock,” but “They’d be perfect for Quacked Panes.”

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